Working Hours Tracker

Hours Tracker for Windows Phone is a mobile app to track work hours for projects


Working Hours Tracker is one of the first time tracking solutions available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. During this time a lot of new features were added. See an overview below.

Time records

There are two ways of adding new time records.

Manage projects and activities

Projects are categorizational elements. You can create new projects, rename them or set one of them as the default project. The default project will be preselected when creating a new time record. In addition to projects you can manage activities, set default hourly rates and map them to projects. You are also able to set all-inclusive rates for projects. Finished projects/activities can be closed. They are not visible in specific selections any more.

Overview of your time records

Get an overview of your tracked hours for the current day, current week and the current month. Each of them comes up with a summary of entered hours as well as summaries based on used projects and your earnings. Want to see statistics based on your projects? There is also a view for that.


There are two lists available in the app. One shows you all months having time entries. The second one shows you all entries for the selected month. This is the list which can be exported.

Export and Backup

Data can be exported and backupped in three ways:

The export functionality is available from a monthly list. The backup can be started from the app's start screen. Please note that you need an existing (and active) Dropbox/SkyDrive account to use this feature. When logging in, you have to grant access, so you are able to export data. A folder called Working Hours Tracker will be created on Dropbox/SkyDrive when exporting for the first time.

To send the exported data via e-mail, you need a configured mail account on your phone.