.NET BlogBook

A German written .NET Blog Book

.NET BlogBook

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The .NET BlogBook provides a lot of helpful information and examples for .NET developer. A lot of different topics are covered:

  • C#
  • Windows Forms
  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Design Patterns
  • And more ...

Altough it has been discontinued it is still a helpful resource. See the download page for all published editions.

For nearly three years Kai Gloth and Norbert Eder collected the best posts of our blogs and generated the .NET BlogBook. It covers several topics of the .NET world.

This pages were available at http://www.dotnet-blogbook.com for some years now. People downloaded the blog book over 50,000 times. But time goes by and priorities shifted. So we decided to discontinue this projects. All editions are still available for download, maybe they help someone. If so, please let us know.