A list of all projects by DevTyr



Mostly an Enterprise Service Bus is oversized and difficult to configure and to maintain. This is a "fire and forget" implementation which is really easy to configure, asynchronous and extensible.


Gullap is a fast static website generator based on Mono. Content is written using Markdown. Templating is supported and makes it easy to generate your static website.

.NET BlogBook

This old project of mine is an aggregation of blog posts of Norbert Eder and Kai Gloth. It covers a lot of topics, e.g. ASP.NET, C#, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and more. This is in German language.


This is a plug in for BlogEngine.NET. It replaces the default search and provides a better search usability.



Ideamark is a web server for Node.js being able to render `Markdown` files. It can be used for several purposes: As a blog system, a documentation platform and much more.


This is a really helpful Node.js application to generate release notes from your trello cards. It can also be used with Ideamark.


If you are organizing your sprints using Trello then this tool is for you. Define and manage your sprints and generate burndown charts and statistics from your Trello cards.


Working Hours Tracker

Manage your work hours on your `Windows Phone`, view reports, export your data for further processing and much more. It is optimized for high usability and real world usage.