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16.07.2013 10:30:00 by Norbert Eder

For a long time a good friend of mine, Kai Gloth and I wrote a community driven blog book. It is a collection of our best blog posts and was released in seven editions. All editions together were downloaded about 50,000 times till now.

As there is so little time to maintain this project I decided to integrate it into The domain is still available but it's redirected. So, in fact, it is part of DevTyr now.

Have a look on it: .NET BlogBook entry page

All seven editions are online and can be downloaded for free. If you have some feedback please contact us via @devtyr_com or the G+ community. Feel free to share this project, altough the provided information are old now, but they can still help someone learning.

Please note that the .NET BlogBook is written in German language, but there doubtless services that might help you. All given examples are in English, so you should be able to read them.

.NET blogbook DevTyr German

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