FireAndForget supports delayed messages now

28.05.2013 19:00:00 by Norbert Eder

FireAndForget is an easy to use and configure message bus. It is best used for tasks that are not time-critical. See the original announcement for further information.

Today, version 0.2.0 has been released. The new version introduces the new feature delayed messages. Messages sent to FireAndForget can include a timestamp indicating an execution date/time. In fact, these messages are not executed immediately but rather at the time specified.

In addition to this feature it is possible to mark delayed messages to be handled as a bulk message. In this case all delayed messages for a specified executor (an executor handles a message of a specific message type) are merged into one single message. This message will be executed by the given (bulk-enabled executor).

For further information, examples and a complete API documentation see this page.

Feedback can be given via @devtyr_com or the G+ community.

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