Gullap 1.0.0 - Available for download

17.02.2013 12:00:00 by Norbert Eder

Some days ago I wrote about Gullap, the latest project of DevTyr. It is a static website generator for Mono/.NET, running on Windows and Linux. Per default Gullap supports Nustache (a Mustache port) and Markdown. Both can be changed by an own implementation.

Now, Gullap is available for download. If you won't compile it by your own, you can get the binaries, otherwise the source is also hosted on GitHub. See the download page for additional information.

Get an overview and see what Gullap is able to do. Finally, have a look at the how to pages to learn about setting up your environment and mastering your templates.

If you have questions, ideas, bug reports, don't hesitate to contact via @devtyr_com or the G+ community. It is also possible, and yes, recommended, to post issues to the issue tracker.

DevTyr Gullap static website generator

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