Gullap - The static website generator (Mono)

14.02.2013 20:00:00 by Norbert Eder

There are a lot of static website generators out there. Some of you might know Jekyll, based on Ruby. But there are just a handful solutions running on .NET/Mono. One of them is pretzel. This project isn't maintained very well (last change about 10 months ago) and - in my opinion - to complex.

So I decided to create my own project, based on Mono, Nustache (a Mustache port) and Markdown.

The project is in a really early stage and not available for the public at the moment. was created with an alpha version that works great for my needs. As soon as the project enters beta stage it will be published on GitHub, as well as a solid documentation.

As an overview you can read about Gullap here.

Features of Gullap


If you are interested in the alpha version feel free to get in touch with me via @devtyr_com or the G+ community.

DevTyr Gullap static website generator

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