Manage your sprints using Trello

11.02.2013 12:00:00 by Norbert Eder

trello-burndown is a node.js based tool to generate burndown charts from your Trello cards. As there were a lot of questions concerning this tool and the "process" behind of it, I decided to write a book that describes the way to that solution, the ideas behind of it and in general of your decision of moving to Scrum.

Manage your sprints using Trello

The book is still in progress. About 15% are finished yet. I decided to publish it very soon to get a lot of feedback at an early time. It is planned to update the book every week until it is finished.

Table of contents

This is the temporary table of contents and may change in future. The first chapter was finished, I am currently working on chapter two.

  1. Introduction
    1. Why this book
    2. What’s Trello
    3. Scrum, Sprints
  2. Setting up Trello
    1. Prerequisits
    2. Boards
    3. Lists
  3. Tools
    1. Scrum for Trello (Chrome Extension)
    2. TrelloExcel
  4. Customize it
    1. API
    2. trello-burndown
  5. Feedback
  6. Changelog

If you are interested in this book, please visit Leanpub.


Feedback can be given directly on the books Leanpub page, via @devtyr_com or our G+ community.

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