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10.02.2013 12:00:00 by Norbert Eder

DevTyr is a private project with the focus of providing helpful utilities, tools and apps. At the moment all of them are free. As you can see on devtyr.com there are already some solutions available.

This blog is used to provide information of new projects and/or releases published under the label of DevTyr.

If you want to give some feedback, please use the G+ DevTyr Community.

Some projects

There are a lot of tools out there made by DevTyr. Some of them are listed below. In future articles you will learn about the benefits of them and about new ones.

All tools are free at the moment. Some of them are hosted on GitHub and can be forked.

Working Hours Tracker

This is an app for Windows Phone. The main goal is to manage your work time and what you've done. All data can be exported in CSV format, so you are able to create your own statistics or whatever you want to do. Further information can be found here.



Every workday I use Trello to manage all tasks to be done. As it is possible to write release notes for our customers I created this node.js based solution. You can enter your release notes as a comment to a Trello card (using a specific prefix) and export them all (configureable) into a markdown file. It can work great hand in hand with ideamark.

This project is hosted on GitHub: trello-releasenotes


This is an node.js based blog system. Posts are handled using the file system and stored in markdown format. Although there is no active dropbox or Skydrive integration you can just map the web server to a directory that is part of your dropbox or Skydrive base folder.

This project is hosted on GitHub: ideamark


For my development team I lead we use Scrum, sprints and Trello to handle the tasks. This solution is also based on node.js, has a webserver and a nice website to configure your sprints and generating burndown charts. All the stuff can also be done by console (maybe you also want have some active jobs to do all the things).

This project is hosted on GitHub: trello-burndown

There are some other projects, not mentioned at the base site, I will write about them here. Later.

I hope you enjoy the apps.

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